Quirky collars and doughnut earrings

I have previously mentioned that I love quirky details on garments, and what better than a cute, unique little collar?

PepaLoves are experts on quirky details, whether it's the print, the collar or the skirt of a dress, you know you'll get something unusual and slightly eccentric. Which is why I adore PepaLoves so very much!

I paired my lovely quirky-collared red dress with doughnut earrings that I've made myself. It was a perfect match!

Dress: PepaLoves (also available in mint and yellow)
Earrings: Made by myself from polymer clay


  1. Seeing you in red is a delight. That, and the quirky little details you always choose. It's so inspiring :).

    1. Thank you lovely Klara! I find inspiration in you too :D <3
      Much love