Lovely limited edition dress from Windram Design

This lovely rust coloured twirl-worhty dress is from Windram Design. It's a limited edition dress and only five will be made!

Everything from Windram Design, this dress included, is handmade with care and precision. Helen Windram, the creator of Windram Design, has been making and selling her dresses for the past year and all of the designs are her own, which gives them an extra touch and unique flair. This lovely dress in a linen/viscose blend had the most special and lovely freehand front stitching that adds a quirky element to the garment, which is something that I appreciate a lot. The adorable puff sleeves are so cute and absolutely beautiful. And I adore the skirt of the dress so very much! The skirt is so full, it drapes beautifully and it is the grandest dress ever to twirl in!!

I like my clothes to be unique and a bit whimsical, and Helen has a natural talent for making beauty in fabric with distinctive details. Helen's designs are timeless and classic with exceptional attention to details. Her garments are so very flattering and incredibly comfortable. I feel fantastic wearing this dress and it makes me feel very beautiful. And the twirling really is magnificent in this dress! So if you, like me, are planning to twirl all summer, this is the dress to do it in!

This dress is also a very versatile piece, I feel like I already have several outfits ready with just this one dress! And I can't wait to pair it with tights and a cardigan for the colder months. By sewing one-of-a-kind dresses, Helen's garments feel exclusive to the wearer, and I personally value that feeling very much.

You can find the dress: here
Remember, it's a very limited edition dress, so make haste!

Windram Design's etsy shop is here.
Windram Design is also on facebook and instagram (@windramdesign), check it out!

Now I'm going to go twirl some more in this lovely dress.
Much love!


  1. Love this colour, goes so well with the colour of your hair. Looks beautiful on you :)) I hope you have a gorgeous week my dear Xxx

    1. Thank you so much Kizzy! <3 I adore the colour also. It's such a warm colour. Thank you, you have an amazing week too. <3

  2. I'm pretty sure you do so much more than just twirling all summer, Mona :D. But the idea is very cute. And I love this dress on you. Beautifully done piece that will be versatile for all seasons. That's how I like my clothes!

    1. Hehe yes :D
      Indeed, I can't wait to pair it with tights and a nice cardigan when it'll be colder. I agree with you, that is also how I like clothes to be ;) <3
      Much love