Crystal clear

Hello you,
Hope you are all doing great and that you're keeping warm or cool depending on where you live.
Where I live in northern Sweden it is cold (not very, but enough to not be able to photograph outdoors), and I'm keeping warm with blankets and hot cups of tea.

When I was a kid I loved rocks, stones and crystals of all kinds. I used to collect some and at times I would get them all out and arrange them in order of colour, just look at them and be joyful. The little things really make me happy, and I was like that as a child too. The littlest thing could amuse and preoccupy me.

Jeans: Forever 21 (old)
Lipstick: Bésame Cosmetics (here)

This lovely top from Book of Deer with a crystal print reminded me of my box of rocks, and I went searching for them in my old stuff, and to my surprise, my box was still there, with crystals and stones of different shapes, sizes and colours - all living in harmony. It made me happy.

This unique and dreamy top also makes me think of the 70's, and I imagined that it would be what I would wear on the cover of my soul-rock record. Arms outstretched above me, my curly mane billowing behind me, a cross between Freddie Mercury and Erykah Badu. Well, I sure wish anyway...

I think I'm going to go arrange my rocks now.
I hope you all have a fantastic week, take care of yourselves.

Much love,


Faves of 2016

Hello all,
I hope you are doing well, and I hope that 2017 has started off in a brilliant way for you!

I have a hormonal disease known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis that leaves me feeling really crap at times, and this last week has unfortunately been like that. I'm thinking about writing a post only about that at some point, but for now, I just wanted to let you know that I'm not doing so well, so new content will have to wait.

But I have been seeing that a lot of bloggers make a little summary post about their favourite outfits of the past year in January, so I'm doing that! Here are my 10 favourite outfit posts (+ 1 baking post, and 2 extra photos) of 2016.

The past year started really well for me, and I posted quite a few outfit posts. My favourite of January would have to be this one:

I wore a beautiful velvet dress from Book of Deer that I just adore, with an icy grey bow with embroidered bears, and a rose gold zipper. Ugh it's to die for.

In February I had my 25th birthday and my favourite post from that month is the post with my birthday cake:

However, my favourite outfit post of the month was this one:

Once again I wore Book of Deer (wouldn't be the last time), this time the perfect winter's dress. And I topped it all off with specs!

In March you'd think that Spring would make an appearance but it didn't (not in northern Sweden anyway), so I continued to photograph my outfits indoors. My favourite was yet another Book of Deer dress:

This dress is stunning and with it's embroidered magpies it is a really unique and quirky dress. I added saddle shoes to complete the look.

April came and I wore berets a lot. This is my favourite outfit from April:

I wore a Dear Creatures dress, and have since then heard that there is no more Dear Creatures, which makes me sad. But I'm glad I've got this lovely dress to remember them by. The red accents really made this outfit.

May was perhaps the best month yet - I had my 1 year blogiversary, and celebrated by hosting a giveaway together with Book of Deer.

I wore a stunning summer dress from BoD with the cutest pattern, and headed outdoors to snap the photos (finally some sun and warmth).

My favourite outfit from June is this one:

I wore my first ever vintage dress, and I loved it!

July came by and I wore Windram Design:

This dress and the petticoat I wore it with made me feel and look like a cupcake. It was fantastic!

In August the country is at its greenest and everything is beautiful.

I wore an old Miss Patina dress, with a hat from ModCloth as I went poké-hunting.

September was an exciting month for me!

I went on my holidays to London, I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, as well as some other awesome plays and musicals. I met with Andini from Adventures of an Anglophile, and Nora from NoraFinds, as well as meeting BoD creator Eilidh. Best month ever!!!

The gorgeous and beautiful Andini and I, on the Millennium Bridge (the Harry Potter bridge). Look at her awesome outfit!! That hat!

The ever-stunning Nora looking ridiculously classy, the ethereal beauty Eilidh dressed in an own design, gorgeous as ever, and I.

In October and November I was very lousy at blogging, and I didn't get one outfit post worth mentioning posted. But in December, at the very end of 2016, I went out with a bang, and an awesome outfit (if I may say so myself).

I discovered the brand Tatyana, and wore this incredible skirt for New Year's Eve.

And that was my year in outfits!
Hope you enjoyed this post, I personally loved looking back at the year in style.

Much love,