Zebrawood & Champagne

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I wore this outfit during my week+ in London, which I will blog about very soon. You might remember the pinafore and blouse, as I've worn them together before, but that time it was cold. I was in Sweden and winter was coming on fast, so I photographed the outfit indoors.

This time around, it is my favourite time of the year - Autumn. And since I was in London, which is way further south than where I live in Sweden, it was surprisingly warm. So I switched things up by wearing this outfit without tights and with open(-ish) shoes! I also added a unique wooden watch from Jord, that was sent to me. If you like the look of the watch, continue reading -- because I have an exciting giveaway in collaboration with Jord!

I used to love wearing watches when I was a child. It made me feel like an adult, like I was more important if having to check up on the time. I basically continued wearing wrist watches all the way until uni. In university I had a lot of lab work, and I wouldn't wear my watch because I was afraid I might ruin it during the lab, get it dirty or contaminated. So I stopped wearing watches, and since I still work in a lab setting, I never really picked it up again. That was until this was sent my way.

I had previously seen Jord's wood watches after I read a blog post by Emma of Emma's Looking Glass (here), and I remember thinking it was really neat that they make their watches from wood. So when Jord contacted me for a collaboration, I knew instantly which watch I wanted, since I had already considered buying it for myself. Jord very graciously sent me the watch I wanted, which is a watch in their Frankie series. The wood it is made of is Zebrawood which is native of West Africa, and has a very unique appearance with its contrasting dark and light grains. The face is a Champagne colour, which makes the watch minimalistic but very striking in all its natural glory. I think this is the perfect Jord watch. "Jord" means "Earth" in Swedish, and this lovely watch has an earthy feeling to it.

Blouse: Miss Patina (old)
Pinafore: Miss Patina (here)
Watch: c/o Jord (here)
Shoes: Asos (old)

While I was sent this watch, I will of course be completely honest in how I feel about it.
Wearing it is easy, and while I feel like it's the perfect watch for this season, I don't think I'll have any trouble styling it for any season as it is so neutral. It's comfortable on the wrist and sits well, but it is larger than any watch I've ever had, so it does take a bit getting used to it's size. If you wear big watches a lot I don't think you'll even consider its size because it's not exactly big, it's just bigger than my old watches. Personally I love it. I think it's very unique and sharp. I just love that it elevates an outfit. I've never had a watch that adds to the outfit, they've all been pretty non-descriptive so far, but this one from Jord is far from!

If you want to look more at the watch I have click here.
And if you want to look at all of their women's watches click here.

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I will be back with more of my London adventures on the blog soon!

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