The origin of my style

Blouse: ModCloth (sold out)

I have recently been thinking about style, and where it comes from. Some time ago ModCloth announced a competition (details: here) where you were to post an outfit inspired by a woman in your life (e.g. mother) in time for Mother's Day. This got me thinking about where my style comes from, and how much of it has been influenced by my mother.

My Mum in yellow with her friends some time in the 70's.

Instantly I knew what outfit I could submit for the competition. I already had everything in my closet, and I didn't even need to search for an appropriate picture of my Mum and her outfits, I knew exactly which one to use!

Blouse: ModCloth (sold out)
Skirt: H&M (very old)

I could have my Mother go into a clothes shop and choose one single item, and the likelihood that it would be the same as I've chosen is big. For some reason when it comes to clothes and style my Mother and I often agree. Is that because I've grown up seeing what my Mother wears?
Maybe, but as any scientific experiment using siblings, I have a sister to compare with, and she does not share our style. So it got me thinking, how much of our tastes are intrinsic and how much is developed?

Like much else clothes, style, fashion and more, are probably a mixture of intrinsic and developed tastes. For me, my major inspirations when it comes to style have been ladies during the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. I'm a bit old-fashioned when it comes to clothes, and so is my Mother. And thus we end up liking the same things. I'm just lucky my Mum and I aren't the same age, because we would surely fight over clothes.

Where does your style come from? And how inspired have you been by your mother or other ladies in your life?


  1. Lovely post! And love the outfit you picked for the competition. I would definitely say my style is influenced by my mother. We are about the same size, and when I was living at home we would actually share clothes! (I still have a couple dresses I can't seem to locate. Haha. And she may have a couple cardigans that she can't locate.)

    Have a lovely weekend Mona! I'm really enjoying your blog. :)


    1. Thank you so much Lindsey!
      Great to be the same size and be able to share clothes! I do something similar with my Mum, I "borrow" clothes for a very very long time. Basically I hijack her clothes.
      You have a nice weekend too. And thank you so much! <3
      Much love

  2. This is just too sweet, I love it :)) xx

    1. Oh thank you beautiful! Very kind of you :* <3