Woven fairy tales

I have previously shown this lovely blouse from Book of Deer on my instagram, but I feel like it needs its own blog post. This is not a sponsored post, but Book of Deer needs to be recognised for their unique clothing.

Book of Deer is a small independent brand created by the talented Eilidh Ho. And from the first time I laid my eyes on their beautiful clothes I fell in love. Their style matches well with my own, creating feminine garments with cute details and an air of whimsy. Their clothes are like fairy tales made in fabric.

Blouse: Book of Deer
Earrings: Made by me

I particularly love this Kitchen Blouse, because it makes me think of tea time (and what's not to love about that!) with its darling embroidered collar. It's such a warm colour and the embroidery adds so much character to it. I adore this blouse.


  1. That blouse is just darling! I remember when you posted it on Instagram (and it definitely deserves a blog post!)...I am going to have to check out Book of Deer. :)


    1. It really is lovely, I'm so very fond of it! Thank you Lindsey, very sweet of you to say.
      And, oh, do! I don't think you'll regret it!
      Much love,