Cute and quirky

The lovely illustration above is by the very talented Amy Rose. Isn't it just so cute!! She's enhanced my cuteness to a point where it will decay teeth - I love it!!

Amy and I got to know each other on instagram (Amy's instagram is @amyrosestudios). I was already a fan of her work when I decided that I needed to own her girly, quirky and sweet art to brighten my room. I'm a proud owner of two of her illustrations and they hang beautifully on my wall like pastel-coloured dreams. I'm also saving up for some more illustrations and a macaron brooch (or two...).

Illustrations by Amy Rose, here.

Amy takes sweet characters and makes them even cuter (I don't know how she does it - must be magic). Her art is happy and colourful and I adore it!

I wanted to talk a little more about the illustration she did of me (because it is just so cute I might pass out)!! Amy totally surprised me with the illustration, she was inspired by an outfit that I wore a couple of months ago (IG people will have seen it, but I'm adding some photos here anyway). I can't describe the happiness she brought me by illustrating me, it totally warmed my heart, and I remember I was having a bad day that turned completely on its head when she surprised me.

Dress: Miss Patina
Earrings: FemmeDeBloom

Amy does custom work, as well as having so many beautiful prints in her etsy shop. She definitely made me feel joyful, bubbly and excited. So I suggest you take a look at her stuff if you want to feel that way too. This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share this lovely illustration everywhere I can! Haha!


  1. This is just too cute, love the illustration and your dress is super dreamy, you look amazing doll xx

    1. Oh thank you so much darling! You are too kind <3 <3
      Much love