Sunday Sunday

Sunday Sunday here again...
And what better to wear than Apricity's Sunday dress.

This dress was one of those "have-to-have-it" dresses for me. I saw it and instantly knew I wanted it. It's got so much of what I love. The peter pan collar is ridiculously cute. The pleats give it a playful and fun silhouette. It's incredibly comfortable. And as if all of that wasn't enough - pockets! It has pockets! I must say I love a dress with pockets, and these are big enough to actually put things in, but hidden in a really sneaky way in the pleats.

Apricity may be new, but the creator Eileen Chai (co-creator and co-designer of Fleet Collection) sure knows what a girl wants in a dress. The Sunday dress is perfect! I have a feeling it will become a staple in my wardrobe, even on weekdays.

Dress: Apricity
Belt: Asos (sold out, but available as Asos Curve: here)


  1. That dress is really really cute! I love the way you styled it. It's very classy and very classic :)


    1. Thank you so much! It's a fun dress, because you can, as you say, style it classy which is good for my job. Or make it a bit more quirky :D
      Much love <3

  2. This dress looks beautiful on you! I love the colour, this sort of metallic melange thing going on --very elegant fabric. The collar is sweet! And look at the double darts in the front bodice --that's a lovely nod towards the 1950s sewing techniques.

    I now feel inspired to sew a similar dress for myself :>.

    1. Thank you Klara! It's a chambray actually, so it's very comfy.
      I love the double darts too! I think you should make it! With your amazing sewing skills I'm sure you'll get something stunning as a result!
      Much love