I support the Black Lives Matter movement

Hello all,
this is quite an impromptu post, and I don't believe that it tells the whole story, or even everything that I think and feel because I wrote it in less than ten minutes.

This post is in response to Adi's post The "Black Lives Matter Movement" Will Fall.
Let me start by saying: No! It will not fall! I do not believe it will fall! And I certainly do not hope it will.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is a movement I completely believe in and support.

I cannot in any way understand how people can see the Black Lives Matter movement as something that says black lives matter more than other lives. That's never what anyone said or what anyone thinks. Just like how feminists believe that women and men are equal, the Black Lives Matter movement want black people to be equal to white people. Which frankly, they are not. All lives do fucking matter, yes, no one has claimed otherwise, but the black lives apparently don't because look how they are treated!!

America has gone a long time with pushing down black people, and racism is a serious problem at the core of the country, it's at the very centre of it all. That is the only way that things like these are allowed to happen. How can a man get shot to death for being black? How is it that not everyone can see this and see how fucking wrong it is!

I'm not saying all police men and women are bad. I'm not saying they're all racists, and I'm not saying that they deserve to be hurt or killed. However, the police are abusing the power they have! The police should be held accountable for what they do. The police are there to help people, to protect and serve the community. Police officers cannot continue to behave the way they are, they cannot continue to murder black people and then not be judged for it.

The problem lies within the foundation of the society of America. You don't have to know a person to stand behind the person. I don't personally know anyone that's been killed or hurt by the police in America, but that doesn't mean I can't stand by them and protest with them when it comes to injustice and inequity. I believe that all people are equal, no matter colour, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs or anything else. And that is why this movement is so dear to me. That is why I, at the other side of the world am rooting for the Black Lives Matter movement in America.

I'm sure there is much more to say. I have more to say that I cannot get down in writing now.
Please please, continue the discussion in the comments section. Tell me what you are thinking.

If you don't support the Black Lives Matter movement, how do you justify that?

Anyway, that's all for now.
Take care of each other.
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  1. I respect your rebuddle and understand where you are coming from. Yes, not all police are racist or bad, but just like everyone else, even you and I don't know the full story behind these killings.
    As far as everyone being equal, in the United States (not all) but several black people do not respect others from different ethnicities. I grew up in an area where blacks fought against Latin Americans, Asians, and even other blacks. They burned, robbed, and completely destroyed our and their own communities during the Watts/ Los Angeles riots when I was younger in which my family could not step outside because of the danger. I've seen black men kill other black men and even a pregnant Hispanic women get killed for unjust purposes (that happened last year in my old neighborhood). The view is very different on the other side of the world, which is why I understand and respect your post.
    Not all black people kill and steal, but you cannot always believe what you see and hear on the news or from friends because a lot of it is purposely covered up. I do not hate black people, some black people will even tell you that these protests are not helpful. It's just upsetting to see them ask for justice while they treat others with disrespect when they're off camera. On a personal note, I've had several incidents where they try to start racist fights just to get it on camera as "proof" of how bad they are treated. Again, not all are this way, but the majority are feeding you a false image. Sorry for such a long comment! But once again, your response post actually makes me very happy and I'm glad that you are expressing your opinion.

    1. No we do not know the full stories behind these killings, but the point is that people were murdered and then not a single thing happened to the murderer.

      I figured it might be something like this behind your opinion. You are saying that the Black Lives Matter movement is not justified because you know of black people that don’t respect other minorities. That’s like saying that one person’s actions from a group is responsible for the entire group. Just like how you wouldn’t want one “bad” person from your minority representing the whole group, you can’t have one person’s (or a group of people) actions representing the whole group.
      It’s funny that you think that all blacks should be treated a certain way because of what a group of black people did/do or how they act, but when it’s a police officer that is racist you claim that it is just that one individual, and not all police officers. It’s always like that. White people are viewed as individuals, whereas black people are seen as a group.

      I agree it’s different “on the other side of the world”, I suppose you mean Europe. But minorities are subjected to racism here every day. As a woman of colour I know and have experienced that. I can’t even imagine what blacks in Sweden must go through.

      I agree, that you can’t always believe what you see and hear on the news, and I agree that a lot could be covered up. Which makes me think that the majority of the injustice and racism that blacks go through never even sees the light of day. Is never spoken about on the news.

      I don’t understand at all how you can feel that it is upsetting to see them ask for justice, when your own minority is in the same situation a lot of the time. They are treated badly, whether you decide to see it or not. The white supremacy treats all minorities badly, and unjustly, and that doesn’t go away because you choose not to see it.

      You don’t have to apologise for a long comment, I asked for the discussion to continue. I will always express my opinion when I see that others are being treated with injustice and discrimination.

    2. My ethnicity is not filled with innocent people, they commit crimes too and I don't agree with most of their mentalities either. It's perfect that you mention on how there's this thought of how one person defines their whole ethnicity. I've always said that because it's unfortunately true.

      Many people here do view it that way. I'm seen as an inconvenience to whites because I'm from Latin American parents. Even if my parents are here legally and never used welfare, it doesn't matter because most are not that way.

      And I mean other parts of the world besides Europe, although I know and strongly believe that black people and other minorities in Europe receive worse racism than those in the U.S. What they experience now is what minorities experienced here 50 years ago. It may not seem like it, but things have drastically changed. And quite frankly, the U.S has bigger problems such as a ridiculous number of homeless (1/3 of them being children) that reside in the outskirts of cities, Los Angeles being the most problematic, but no one ever talks about that anymore. Not changing the subject either, just stating how people tend to lose focus on the other problems because of one thing they are being made to relate to.

    3. It is wrong! It should not be like that. People should always be viewed as individuals when doing something bad, or good for that matter. Just because it is like that doesn't mean that we have to accept it, we can work to change that!

      They might have changed from the time of MLK, but not enough. It is not enough, when they are still treated with injustice.

      I don't agree with you. I don't think one problem needs make other problems less important. Yes what you are describing is horrible, but just because you feel like that is a bigger problem you want black people to succumb to their discrimination. That's just not right.

  2. After seeing Adi's comment above and her post, I am so saddened. I am often silent on matters such as this because I know I come from a place of privilege. My skin is white, and I will never know the kind of racism and injustice people of color face every day.

    Adi's post sounded very naive. If the world worked the way her post suggested, we would have a perfect judicial system and no murders would ever happen from the police force. But it doesn't work that way. Racism, hate, laziness, and corruption are all still so prevalent in the police force. And yes, there are (I hope) more good cops than bad, but the bad ones are the ones who will throw everyone under the bus and are so corrupt they dare to do whatever they want to do. I have two friends who are excellent cops, good people, and just all around very just humans, and they fear for their lives because of the corruption in the police force that has caused shootings to happen when civilians decide to take matters into their own hands. Every day, they go to work with the fear that perhaps this will be the day they get shot.

    But that does not negate the fact that black lives are being targeted right now. That we NEED to support the black lives matter movement. It's so important to support equality of any and every skin color, because we are HUMANS. Why would you not support a fellow human being in their fight to find peace and equality?

    I hope that if the black lives matter movement fades, it is only because human equality has finally come into place and our fellow people of color no longer HAVE to fight for equality: that it is given to them freely and happily just as it should be! <3 Thank you for writing this post, Mona.

    1. Thank you so much for joining in the discussion.

      Exactly. I agree with you! The police are not working as they should. And yes, there are great police officers, but in that line of work the goal should be that there is no (not one!) bad police officer. They have power and they should not be able to abuse their power.

      Yes!!! I agree with you. We should stand up for all humans that are not getting their rights.

      Thank you so so much for your input. You are so eloquent and I wish I would have discussed it all with you before writing anything, haha. You make some excellent points, and I agree completely with what you said!

      Thank you!
      Much love

  3. I've been a fan of you for some time, but now I'm a bigger fan lady :) I'm considering doing a YouTube video on this (for tone of voice to be more readable) but am waiting to make sure I can conquer the fragile wordings. There's so many good people here who have subconscious racism, which is so hard to iron out and correct. After this past week, I've been so saddened, not just because of all of the shootings but how so many good people have reacted more to the police shootings than the patterns upon statistics upon staggering numbers of innocent black men being shot. It's so complicated, though it should not be. Thank-you for posting. XOXOXO

    1. Oh you beautiful human! The feeling is mutual.
      I do think it would be amazing if you did a youtube video on this.

      I agree, also in Sweden we see a lot of subconscious racism, and it really poisons the society.

      Thank you so so so much for your input. I agree with you 100%. It is sad to me that lives are valued differently depending on the skin colour of the person.

      Thank you for joining in and voicing your opinion, it is important that we do not stay silent at a time like this.

      Much love

  4. Mona you are such a sweet person, I am your fan girl :) Love x

    1. Thank you, you're very nice, but I'm not sweet for supporting people who are fighting for their human rights.
      Lots of love to you too! <3

  5. Cheers to your brave post! It's wonderful to see discussion among people who disagree that is civil and respectful!