The gorgeous inspiration and youtuber Nia the Light (IG: @niathelight) created this beautiful challenge where you're supposed to list the things you are and own it!

For a sufferer of depression like myself it's not always easy to express self-appreciation or self-love. This past week has been a really difficult one for me. I've had a really rough time with my OCD and I have been very low. Things have been dark and dreary, hazy and grey. So this challenge was just what I needed. I very rarely compliment myself, and I very rarely have positive thoughts about myself. However, because of this challenge I wrote a list of all the things I think I am. Then I crossed over the negative words. In the video below I decided to omit the negatives and only say the positives and neutrals. It felt surprisingly good to make a video only saying nice things about myself.

So I want to pass on this challenge... If you do it, please let me know.

And thank you Nia for this incredibly difficult and eye-opening challenge.

Much love,


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Brought tears to my eyes. ♥️

    1. Thank you so much. It was difficult to do, but so worth it. Thanks again <3